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About Us

At Kozma Curl, it’s all about you and your curly hair.

We are committed to providing you the highest quality curly hair services, products, and solutions.

2007 marked the start of our journey to encourage you to love and celebrate your curls. It all began in our salons. We had a simple mission to help our curly customers embrace their authentic hair texture.

Since then, we have been busy growing and evolving with our curly mission, and today we are proud to serve you as a full concept curly brand.

  • Our salons cater to curly women by offering a menu of curly services
  • We created the #kozmacurlmethod which is a collection of special techniques for cutting, coloring, styling and caring for curly hair. This method respects and preserves the integrity and health of curly hair.
  • We have trained up a team of curl experts at our salons who advocate natural curls and empower women of all curl types to love their hair
  • We have recently manufactured our very own curl-friendly products and tools.  

Our Salons

Our service menu is devoted to the women with natural texture. We offer curly cuts, curly care and styling lessons, along with hydrating steam treatments, twist outs, transitioning services, hand painting and color services.

We believe that visiting a salon should be a uplifting and educational experience, therefore we provide a safe haven at our salons, where curly customers are taught how to love their curls, ultimately resulting in loving and accepting themselves. That’s powerful stuff.


The Method 

We stand out from other curly salons and other curly products worldwide, because we have created our own method of working with curls- The Kozma Curl Method.

Results of this method are beautiful, healthy, hydrated and defined curls.

The Kozma Curl Method is all-inclusive, we can work with ALL curl types- wavy, curly and super curly.

We have more of a ''skin care'' approach to curly hair. We approach each curly customer as an individual, and give her advice based on her curl type and individual texture.

When you visit us for your curly, wavy or super curly hair, not only will we encourage you to embrace and celebrate your authentic hair texture- we will teach you the fundamentals of daily hair care and styling. Teaching women how to embrace curly hair brings women so much self confidence.

No matter the texture, no matter where women are at on their curly journey, we can help them.

Our Team

Transforming our customer’s curls never gets old. It can be quite emotional for some customers. We are proud to be the cause of many tears of joy. Helping women to achieve their desired results is so rewarding. We love to see their reaction when they see how the Kozma Curl Method has enhanced what they were born with.




Our stylists understand curls like no one else. They have undergone intensive training at the Kozma Curl academy, which is a prerequisite to becoming a Kozma Curl Stylist. Curly hair demands to be treated differently than straight hair. Therefore, every stylist in our salon has undergone extensive curly training at our Kozma Curl Academy. We provide each stylist with the knowledge and skill set in able to expertly cut, color, style and care for your curly hair- the Kozma Curl Method way.

Our experts redefine what it means to have curly hair. It's all about embracing who you are. We honor and celebrate curls, and by doing so we honor and celebrate each woman.

Made with LOVE - Our Products




Kozma Curl Products are made with love and formulated with the highest quality curl-friendly ingredients.

We believe great curls don't stop at the salon- you need to be able to go home and get great results.

Our focus has been to manufacture products from scratch that are gentle yet effective. Our formulas contain natural key ingredients which nourish the hair, and are made without silicone's, sulfates, and paraben's.

Love is also in the small details- we made a conscious decision to make the conditioner bottle a bigger size than the shampoo, to honour the way curly woman work with their hair. If you are a curly woman reading this you know that you should use more conditioner during washing and styling rituals, and shampoo should be used less frequently. Our conditioner comes in a jar. Jars have traditionally been used only for hair masks. We considered the fact that curly women prefer to pump or dip into their conditioner, rather than the hassle of dumping a bottle upside down. When a curly woman is working through her hair during her curly routine, we wanted to make the conditioner easily accessible so she can pinch, dip or pump the amount quickly and easily. And so we offer both a 300ml jar and a 1 Litre jar with pump.

Keeping Up With The Kozma’s – The Kozma Curl Story

‘’What does Kozma mean?’’ ‘’Who is behind the products and brand?’’ ‘’How did it all come about?’’ These are question’s our team is asked all the time. Are you also curious?

We will share our story, but it’s a bit of a long one.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Hillary Kozma and Mike Kozma, are a husband and wife team from U.S.A. They are the founders, owners and CEO's of Kozma & Kozma salons and Kozma Curl salons located in Dubai and the surrounding region since 2007.

Hillary Kozma is the creator of the Kozma Curl Method and the Kozma Curl products.

She started the salons in 2007 by working on the salon floor for many years, as a stylist. She was trained in the USA where she was born and grew up and then opened the Kozma Salon’s.  

A large number of her customers had curly hair. "I've always loved curly hair, but we were never taught how to work with it in beauty school or as an apprentice. In fact, we were taught it was ugly and a problem, and to straighten it. I've had to figure things out for myself and I spent over a decade doing so." That is how the Kozma Curl Method was born.

Hillary has been a pioneer at the forefront of the curl revolution since 2007 experimenting with curly customers, talking to the curly community, and researching. Her combined knowledge and experience has evolved and improved over the years into what is known today as "The Kozma Curl Method".

Together with husband Mike, Hillary introduced the curl movement and the very first curly hair salons onto the middle east scene. She leads a team of stylists across multiple countries whom have all been taught her method.

Hillary has curly hair herself. "My curls have been my best teacher. They can be quite beautiful and cooperative if I do the right things, or they can be puffy, frizzy and not behave if I didn't get my routine correct. I had to learn to work with them, not against them. I know what it is like to have texture, I know what it's like to feel frustrated and this has given me empathy for what other curly women struggle with and the motivation to help them."

"My belief is that curly hair is a gift, not a burden. Society hasn't always seen it that way, but fortunately things are changing. I've been encouraging women since 2007 to love their curls and not straighten them. I love watching that transformation take place. There is something liberating and empowering about taking this first step and embracing your curls- working with them, instead of against them and celebrating them.”

The Kozma Curl Method started gaining momentum around 2015.

Curly customers were telling their friends about us, and we started experiencing a surge of curly traffic. Our salons had earned a solid reputation as the go-to curl experts. There was just one problem. We lacked curl friendly products.

The hair care industry still caters at large to the straight hair type. With only a small handful of quality curly product lines out there, curly hair remains overlooked and neglected. With so few options available to us as a salon, we were making do with what was available. However, we were not satisfied by this, and neither were our curly customers.

Our salon customers often pleaded with us to find a solution. After using other curly brands, those brands did not address the needs of all curl types. We are a all-inclusive salon meaning we welcome all curl types, and we needed products for all of our customers- not just some of them.

We were driven to make our own products because of a lack of quality curl friendly products available in the market. In 2017, we reached a boiling point and Hillary decided to make her own curly products. And so began the journey into manufacturing.

Hillary narrowed down the list of manufacturers she wanted to work with, and found a lab in Italy that supported her vision and goals to make safe, gentle products according to her wish list. Together, they spent a full year carefully researching ingredients and talking with the curl community before developing the products. "Our goal was to develop and cultivate products that are made with love- this means no silicones, no sulfates and no parabens.”

The Kozma team tested the samples of the products on curly volunteers and put together a curly focus group who gave us feedback. We re-formulated many times over before settling on the final product.

The first four Kozma Curl products we will start with are the essential products that will work with all curl types. Every product is infused with high quality key ingredients which include macadamia nut oil, aloe leaf, coconut oil, and Barbary Fig (fruit from the Cactus).

The Kozma Curl Gentle Shampoo has a refreshing barbary fig scent, is sulfate free and produces a mild lather.

The Kozma Curl Cream Conditioner has a comforting vanilla coconut scent. This rich and creamy formula has slip which is great for detangling. Luxurious ingredients nourish and lock in moisture and control frizz, without weighing hair down. 

The Kozma Curl Deep Hydrating Mask has a comforting vanilla coconut scent. A celebration for all curl types! Melt this lush mask into your hair and say goodbye to frizz, damage and dryness. This is a treat your hair will love! Creamy, dreamy and luxurious, this intense treatment is designed to absorb deep into the hair and quench the thirst of even the most dehydrated curls. Promotes healthy curl elasticity. Results are soft, manageable and happy curls. 

The Kozma Curl Gel is silicone free has a comforting vanilla coconut scent. This gel will create major curl envy!

Enjoy envious results that will make everyone gel-ous of your hair! A blend of curl-friendly ingredients offer protection against frizz and humidity while creating a protective curl cocoon while drying. Silicone-Free gel. After scrunching dry hair, this gel provides a soft, bouncy hold with long-lasting results. Never crispy or crunchy. Locks in moisture and gives superior shine. Great for all curl types. Non-sticky, non-residue formulation. 

The above 4 products are part of the “Essential Collection’’ and there will be many more to follow.


What’s Next

Our aim is to continue to expand globally, to expand our mission of inspiring women to have a more loving relationship with the curls they were born with. We want to teach you to work with what you have, revealing the full potential of how your curls can look.

We will be including curl cutting, styling and care sessions for kids (Kozma Curl Kids).

We have eight more products in the pipeline which we will be launching in the future. Some of these products are for all curl types, and some of them will be more specialized per curl type. Stay tuned!